Detect if you are Running a Virtual Machine

June 12, 2010

Would you like to know if your server’s OS is running on bare-metal or on a virtual machine. imvirt and virt-what are two Linux scripts that allow you to do so easily. Both are open source and can be downloaded for free from their respective websites as well as Ubuntu’s Synaptic Package Manager.


imvirt was developed in Perl by Thomas Liske. It does its job by looking for well known boot messages, directories and reading DMI (Desktop Management Interface) data. It prints one line. These are the tool’s outputs and what they mean:

  • HVM: – signature of an unknown hypervisor
  • VirtualBox – VirtualBox
  • Virtual Machine – Microsoft Virtual PC/Virtual Server
  • VMware – VMware Virtual Platform
  • VMware (Express|ESX Server|GSX Server|Workstation) – VMware Virtual Platform
  • OpenVZ – OpenVZ/Virtuosso
  • Physical – This is a physical machine or a not detected container.
  • QEMU – QEMU/KVM (based)
  • UML – User Mode Linux
  • Xen – Xen hypervisor
  • Xen 3.x (PV|HVM) – Xen hypervisor

To download it visit imvirt’s SourceForge page.



virt-what is a shell script maintained by Red Hat that does the same thing. It prints more details about the VM than imvirt if a VM was found. Otherwise it exits with code 0 (no error) and does not print anything.

To download it visit virt-what

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